Peppi’s offers great subs to help raise funds for your organization, be it a church, school group, sports team, whatever. We offer the following tasty subs..

Italian Subs

Hard salami, capicola, soft salami and provolone cheese…$4.75

Turkey Subs

Shaved turkey and provolone cheese…$4.75

Ham Subs

Shaved ham and provolone cheese…$4.75

Provolone Subs

Provolone only with lettuce and tomato…$4.75

(Prices are subject to change)

Our subs are served on the best bread in the city, Mancini’s, which is a 10 inch roll that melts in your mouth. All sandwiches include lettuce, tomato and an Italian dressing packet. If you desire onion, there is an additional charge of 25 cents. If you need it delivered, there is a minimum charge of $10 (longer distances may cost more) .  Minimum order is 50 subs.

Be sure to reserve your sale date in advance (2-3 weeks). Please give us a round figure at least a week ahead of time, then finalize your number of sandwiches 2-3 days before your distribution date.

If you need more information, please call our Strip District store at 412-562-0125.