In 2004, the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted a quarterback from Miami University by the name of Ben Roethlisberger. We immediately knew that we had to come up with a dynamite sandwich in his name, but much was left up to our rookie quarterback to get in the game and perform. Well, we all know what he did that year. Dan Potash, Root Sports broadcaster, helped pave the way to promote the legendary sub. Within three days of his Peppi interview that exposed the sandwich, the news was being published in newspapers spanning to Florida and other parts of the country. After defeating the Patriots that year, Jim Nance showcased Peppi’s at the end of the game, then all hell broke loose. Chris Berman ate the sub with Ben himself on camera in a five minute piece on the two rookies, Ben and the #7. It ended up being one of his top ten moments of that year. Since then, Peppi’s and the #7 found their way to Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, the Food Network, and countless other publications and media outlets.  People have come from around the globe to try our little creation.    The #7 is definitely not a gimmick, it is a culinary delight.  So if you have not had one, stop on by and give it a try!